Its a buyer’s market yet? 房市開始走下坡了嗎?

Sofia Chang Realtor

Now we are sitting at the beginning of an adjustment period and we are seeing a market returning to normal.

1. Listing inventories are growing again and coming back to normal, meaning Buyers have choices. When Buyers have choices, prices often go flat or decline.

2.As stated above … we are moving quickly from a Seller’s market to a Buyers market, which will make Sellers unhappy and Buyers very happy.

3.Agents that work the Expired market will see Expired listings once again and as an Agent, you can expect anger and frustration on the Expired s’ listings part as they are looking backwards at higher prices that we had the year before.

4.Listings will be on the market for extended periods of time versus a few days or a few weeks when we had multiple offers. Over the last several years, unskilled Agents could take a listing, it would sell quickly and the Agent thought they had sales talent.

5.For Sale by Owners are not selling quickly and more than ever, need good Agent’s advice once again.

6.Sellers are lowering prices and skilled Agents are helping them make those decisions on a regular basis.

7.There’s less profit appreciation in homeownership, which expands the number of transactions as more people will be qualified to buy.




3.過期房源 (指在代理經紀與賣家簽訂的賣房合約有效期內沒有成功賣出而過期的房源) 在經過一輪重新上市等待買家之後,因为定价过高或其他原因依舊沒有賣出,又一次過期,这會使得賣家感到憤怒和沮喪,因為他們還在期待一個比前一年更高的價格。

4. 對比過去幾年屋主收到很多購房合約offers時,房子很快賣掉,過去沒經驗的代理經紀拿到房源代理上市,房子很快被售出,他們因此認為自己有銷售天賦。現在房子在市場上的時間相對會長一些,因此聘請有無經驗的經紀來賣房相對重要!