1.First and foremost, choosing a settlement company/title company that will close your transaction and protect your proceeds is of the highest priority. Check reviews and ask your agent for the title companies’ references before making your decision.

2.Provide pertinent documents to escrow and title as requested. Return completed escrow opening package in a timely manner and furnish the requested documentation.
For example: Mortgage on the property, loan numbers, payment address, etc.

3. Complete the Statement of Information and return to escrow and title as soon as it is complete to avoid delays in closing. Returning the SI (Statement of Information) will also allow title company to inform you of any title rate discounts you may qualify for.

4.Title company will conduct a search in the county records for judgments or existing liens filed against the property or owner’s name(s). All existing judgments and liens will be paid from seller proceeds at closing.

5.Stay in communication with your Escrow Officer and Agent during the process to ensure closing dates are on time. Track and follow your transaction step by step usingrelated app!

6.Remember to bring your identification at signing – U.S. drivers license, passport or military ID must be provided at signing.

7.Sale proceeds: Written notarized instructions for delivery of sale proceeds are required to protect your money. For security purposes, we cannot accept verbal instructions and we will contact you prior to closing to confirm your instructions. The safety of your funds is our priority.